Our products adopt a Contextual AI approach using Spoken Language, Emotional, Facial, and Behavioral understanding to analyze explicit AND unconscious data, revealing intent, nuanced and hidden perceptions, anxieties, and thoughts for deeper more meaningful insights into mental health and well-being.

Contextual AI the relationship between humans and AI

Context-aware - able to perceive at the same level as a human does.

Intelligible - able to explain what it knows, how it knows and what it is doing.

Adaptive - meet user's expectations in different environments.

Customizable - able to be fully controlled by the user.


Group Reflection™ for Digital Behavioral Health is anonymous assessment of mental health for teens and young adults, schools, communities, organizations to foster healthier environments to deal with societal challenges.

Reflection™ TeleAssistant reveals deeper and hidden insights for therapists and clinicians augmenting their ability to  personalize treatment.

Self Reflection™ a personalized app supporting assessment and treatment options using a Contextual AI approach for the well-being and mental health of individuals.