Our solutions address affordability and accessibility, extending the reach of behavioral health care to individuals, communities, businesses, caregivers, therapists/counselors, organizations and schools.

Corporate Wellness

An assessment of the current state of your organization's members/employees, on their health and well-being.  These anonymously conducted surveys reveal a collective insight into the performance and general trends of organizational policies and programs.

Schools, campuses and colleges want to provide a safe environment to their students.  This includes detection of COVID-19 incidents and the overall mental health and well-being of its student body.  Isolation and social distancing has been shown to lead to depression, anxiety and other behavioral health issues.  These anonymous surveys let school administrators track critical student behavioral and mental health indicators, and provide a way to gauge impact on new policies and programs.

As mental health issues in the US and abroad have increased to alarming levels, therapists are challenged with providing accessible and adequate support and counseling. Many therapy and counsuling sessions are now conducted over video or phone/text chat.  We help therapists in this digital space by providing them with valuable real-time emotional, behavioral, and facial analysis of the caller.

An individual is able to make personal assessments of their mental health and well-being through our App.  They can use this in conjunction with a trained therapist or directly, giving guided access to a rich set of educational videos, audios and text.

We will soon be offering free basic online assessments on our website.


As a Public Benefits Corporation we are committed to giving back to the community.  Particularly impacted by lack of mental health and well-being services are refugees, prisoners, and low income communities.  We are working with non-profits and donors to bring aide to these groups.  If you are interested in partnering or donating to services for the mental health and well-being of disadvantaged individuals please contact us at sponsorships@signalaction.ai.